Originally a thirteenth century Cistercian chapel, the site was taken over by the Dominicans c 200 years later when the friary was erected. It was here that Patrick Sarsfield, the Irish Jacobite leader, married Honora de Burgo on 9 January 1689.









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  1. Portumna Dominican Friary – For a long time the Cistercians of Dunbrody had a chapel here dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, but when it was abandoned by them, O’Madden, the local chieftain, gave it to the Dominicans who, with the consent of the Cistercians, erected a friary and a church which they dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. Pope Martin V granted a Bull to confirm their possessions in 1426. The Priory was supressed during the Reformation but was revived again in 1640. It came into the ownershipof the Earl of Clanicarde in 1577. It was abandoned by the Friars in the early 1700’s. Patrick Sarsfield and Honora de Burgo were married at the Priory in January 1689. The Priory was used as a Protestant church around 1760. The Priory contains the tomb of the Earl of Clanicarde and his wife. The remains consist of a church with nave, chancel and transepts, a cloister and domestic buildings.

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