Killone Abbey


Built about 1190, Killone is unusual in that it is one of the few nunneries of the time. Situated overlooking the scenic Killone Lake, the abbey contains some fine Romanesque features, such as the east windows and vaulted crypt

There is a centuries-old tale of a mermaid in the lake. A man called O’Brien who lived in the nearby Newhall House saw a beautiful woman in the lake and caught her. Bringing her home, he found to his great disgust and disappointment that she had a fish’s tail. As she did n ot speak, scalding water was thrown on her to make her say something – an only too successful plan, for, after a wild, blood-curdling shriek, she cried

“‘As the mermaid goes on the sea,
So shall the race of O’Briens pass away
Till they leave Killone in wild weeds.”

Needless to say, the O’Brien of Newhall has long since gone……







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