Killilagh Church

Killilagh Church, Doolin, Co Clare

Dating from c.1500, the roof of the church was set on fire by Cromwellian soldiers while mass was being said inside.

West Gable
The west gable, with a small square-topped bell chamber and window
Ogee-headed window in the side chapel
Ogee-headed window in the side chapel



Macnamara tomb
The empty Macnamara tomb, which served as a temporary “jail” during the War of Independence

One Reply to “Killilagh Church”

  1. Thank you so much for creating such an interesting and beautiful world!
    I found your site while researching the unique design of my great great grandmother’s crypt in Ballyea near Ennistymon. It is actually located in a Cillin known as Knocknakilla. Dating to 1870, it is VERY similar to the empty Macnamara tomb featured in your Killilagh Church post.
    I have posted a picture of it on the Clare Library forum
    Do you know where I might find more information about this design?
    Where is the Macnamara tomb? Is it on the Church’s property? Do you know if this is a traditional design?
    When was the Macnamara tomb built?
    Another coincidence – my great great grandfather was land agent for Col Francis Macnamara …….
    Did the Colonel erect this tomb? It is such a coincidence that these designs are so silmilar…… I wonder if my GG grandfather copied it for his wife………Or maybe it was his job to have it built for Macnamara…
    I wonder whom he contracted to build it…….
    Any information that you could share would be so appreciated!
    Thank you!

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