Grange Stone Circle

Grange Stone Circle, Co Limerick

The are around Lough Gur in co Limerick is an archaeological treasury – megalithic tombs, crannogs, ringforts, and the largest stone circle in Ireland.

stone circle
The stone circle is aligned with the rising sun on the summer solstice. Inside the circle, the earth was packed down and was littered with “Beaker” pottery.


ring of stones
The ring of continuous stones is backed by an earthern bank, It has been suggested that the bank, c. 9m in width, may have provided a stand where the audience could preserve ceremonies taking place inside the circle
wedge tomb
The nearby wedge tomb, dating from about 2500 BC. In 1833, it was reported that an old woman had resided inside the tomb for many years.
wedge tomb
When it was excavated in 1935 the bones of at least 8 adults and 4 children were found. Although there are no kerbstones visible, it is likely that the tomb was covered by a cairn

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